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Why to discover the fossil of dinosaurian egg from tribute area?
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Be known as dinosaurian countryside from tribute, discovered many dinosaurian fossil, did not discover the fossil of a dinosaurian egg however. Is this why? Have the following reasons probably: The first, the process that the structure of dinosaurian egg has a ceaseless evolution to perfect, inchoate egg may be saved not quite easily and form fossil. Amnion egg just begins to appear from reptile, it inevitable the elapse as time, perfect its structure and function ceaselessly in evolution, enhance the adaptability to the environment. Among this, of chorion add thick the grow in quantity with mineral composition may be his important facet. The layer age that produces dinosaurian fossil from tribute place is Jurassic Period, be in the early metaphase of dinosaurian evolution, at this moment dinosaurian chorion forms fossil not easily still probably. The 2nd, the condition that because form egg fossil to compare,forms skeletal fossil is more slashing, from tribute area the physical geography environment at that time may not suit dinosaurian egg fossil form and save. The 3rd, the important period that Jurassic Period is dinosaurian and developmental development, produce the dinosaurian egg below can successful hatch, and the broken chorion after hatch forms fossil not easily. The 4th, from tribute the likelihood is not the place that dinosaurian breed lays eggs. Somebody thinks dinosaur is had with characteristics migrates like present avian photograph, lay eggs every year in a place, and live in other place, be apart is very far between this. If be really such, at that time the place that from tribute the likelihood suits dinosaurian life namely, is not the place that breed lays eggs. It is why to be planted after all reason, still need to have more discovery and more thorough research.

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