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How long does dinosaurian life have?
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In giving birth to an animal now, the life of reptile is longer, especially among them chelonian can amount to 200 years old of above, (the chelonian that discovered 2000 ~ 3000 years old according to reporting our country) . Avian also be longevity. Contrary, mammal is inferior by comparison still, its life is opposite shorter. A few scientists are in those who studied dinosaurian skeleton to grow the discovery after annulus, the age when these dinosaur die is 120 years old. Show without evidence after natural span of life of take care of oneself oneself often die them slowly. A lot of dinosaur are to die at the accident, senile dinosaur, childhood dinosaur and ill incomplete dinosaur are carnivorous dragon is main prey object. Because these 120 years old are not the age of dinosaurian longevity. Eliminate to be not the element of normal death, dinosaur can live to be 100 ~ 200 years old ought to unchallenged. They are to divide chelonian beyond, the animal with the longest life.