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How does dinosaur bear children?
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After through be opposite a large number of dinosaurian egg fossil, footmark fossil reachs the research with egg vestigial mew, paleontology home says: Dinosaur also has an affection " heart of the world parents " . In annual progenitive season, after dinosaur of male and female is copulatory, female dinosaur is busy left. It is to want to choose a good place that lay eggs meticulously above all. This place should be sunshine illuminate all things, relief taller, and earthy and loose, dry, compare safety even additionally. Such local dinosaur serves as forever lay eggs treasure ground, can weighs them " maternity " . Next, it is dig hole incubate. Female dinosaur is choosing good place, dig hole of a garden, earth of the circuit on the brim base of hole, in case rainwater is overflowed into hole inside. Perhaps remove an earth to wrap with hillock first, go up in earthy bag again dig round hole, such " delivery room " consider do good. Lay eggs namely next. Female dinosaur targets the end earthy hole, begin to encircle the ground to lay an egg to the circuit inside hole. Every play circuit, good with respect to the lid that use land, play circuit again then, had built with earth again, can amount to 4 rounds at most, namely 4, the amount of the egg is amounted to tens of. The egg is arranged by radiative shape mostly in the nest, the back row before also having is listed or irregular those who arrange, look dinosaurian the permutation of phyletic and different egg in the nest means also has distinction. All eggs do not overlap in the nest, so that utmost ground absorbs the quantity of heat of sun's rays. The quantity of heat that the egg in the nest basically relies on sunshine comes hatch. During hatch, dinosaurian meeting guards his egg, in case burglar is swept past feed. When Dan Xiaobao treasure is about to give case, dinosaurian mom should help their break chorion, good make its successful be born. In addition, also evidence makes clear, some dinosaur want hatch, incubative like the hen same. After small dinosaur is born, dinosaurian mom is held rapidly come food, to bub people hello feed. At this moment lay eggs the ground became dinosaurian nursery school. Fall in the makings of all understand without being told of dinosaurian mom, small dinosaur grows very quickly. During this, what is dinosaurian father doing, still do not know now.