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Is the egg that big dinosaur produces certain very big?
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Dinosaurian sort is various, magnitude wide gap is very big, but in light of a large number of dinosaurian egg fossil from discovery, although size is endless also consistent, but the difference is not very big. The fact is the size of the egg that dinosaur produces, do not grow into scale ground with its body volume. If proportionate grows, the old dinosaurian certainly will with those several tall buildings is about to yield the egg of size of 18 inches of televisions just is. But we never had discovered so big egg fossil. The biggest dinosaurian egg fossil on the world ability basketball is big in that way, and extremely scarce. Dinosaurian egg is bigger than showing the bird egg that lay, but the body appearance that follows dinosaur is very smaller than appearing however, especially the egg of big dinosaur is more such. Why is the egg that big dinosaur produces not big also? The scientist is such explanations: If the egg below dinosaur is too big, albumen, yoke is much, big to the pressure of chorion, chorion does not bear, extremely easy broken. If chorion is too thick, when dinosaurian darling gives case very difficult. Darling does not broken chorion, go out not to come, can die in the egg. Say the egg is too big again, the target is big also, bring about easily enemy kill, survive not easily. The volume that still has an egg is too large, the amount of the egg that dinosaur yields is about to decrease, of this pair of dinosaur pass ancestor receive era very adverse. Because show the young survival rate of unripe reptile,be very low, the mortality of conjectural and dinosaurian young is very so tall also, dinosaurian also like giving birth to reptile now, adopt the productive egg, measure that produces small egg to increase unborn amount. Although the dinosaur that just gave case is small, but growing height all one's life, and life is very long, can blossom so great stature.