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What characteristic does dinosaurian egg have?
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Dinosaurian egg and other reptile and gallinaceous duck avian the egg that produce is same, belong to amnion egg. Of amnion egg outside the bag has to be able to bear or endure again stably already dry calcic simple case, there are a lot of small air holes on housing is to offer what air of the breath when embryonic development uses " the window " . Dinosaurian chorion is thick 7 millimeter of 2 ~ , it is the thickest chorion on the world. Inside of chorion, contain a big yolk, supply nourishment for embryo; An amnion antrum that surrounds by amnion, amniotic fluid was filled inside antrum, embryo immerses in the development in amniotic fluid; Still have bag of a make water additionally, be deposit embryo fecal. Amnion egg construction is exquisite and reasonable, won't dry up on land, dehydrate, embryo is inside already safe comfortable. The occurrence of amnion egg is one of vertebrate evolution process great leap, it is the one great progress of animal reproduction respect, on land for them raise up seed created essential condition.