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How does dinosaurian egg fossil discover?
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1922, museum of history of nature of American new York organized " in inferior investigation group " , have gone through hardships, trudge comes in inferior area, the purpose is the ancient vertebrate that inspects our country and Mongolian People's Republic to be taken, in order to confirm " in inferior the development center that is mammal and inchoate mankind " the scientist says. Who knows score a lucky hit. Booked target was not achieved, accident however ground discovered a few broods save more in good condition egg fossil, every broods have 10 many eggs, the appearance of the egg resembles maize cob, long way makes an appointment with 10 ~ 20 centimeters, short way makes an appointment with 5 ~ 10 centimeters. At first, the scientists of the investigation group also cannot decide this is the egg that what eats products to fall, but understood before long, so the host of these eggs is dinosaur of a kind of establish feeding habits that calls primary role dragon. The skeletal fossil that because be in the layer that produces an egg,found dragon of a lot of primary role, and of what age have. The most interesting is, inside the egg that breaks case in two, withhold unexpectedly have not the embryo of the primary role dragon that hatch comes out is skeletal. The message that discovers dinosaurian egg fossil is very fast resounding whole world. At that time, people just knows dinosaur is oviparous animal.