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Is dinosaur oviparous?
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Dinosaur is oviparous, people believes thoroughly to this, because of the dinosaurian egg fossil that come up out of land it is ironclad proof. But the skeletal fossil that the scholar studied Lei Long (pelvic antrum) , Lei Long group after footmark fossil reachs relevant a few data, putting forward Lei Long is viviparous viewpoint. Think brontosaurus mom does not lay eggs, give birth to a Long Baobao directly however, resemble today's elephant same. It is viviparous ovoviviparous still problem to Lei Long, return the verdict with affirmative neither one now. But those who be worth to be carried is, in giving birth to reptile now, although great majority is oviparous, but also having a few is ovoviviparous, like the snake kind and saurian in have such member. As coetaneous as dinosaur ichthyosaur is ovoviviparous, the fossil that still has discovered ichthyosaur foal in Germany!

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