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Does dinosaurian sexual choose?
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The basis gives birth to the observation of animal bound to showing, when breed, female animal has the appearance with the copulatory male with strong choice mostly, this kind selects conjugal phenomenon, the gender calls the choice on biology. The gender chooses more it is to happen in the animal that battalion group lives. Its action is to overcome what inbreeding brings to degrade phenomenon, be helpful for raising unborn vitality, rejuvnation is planted group. Dinosaur is group life mostly, conjectural should sexual choice. Always the weapon that defence enemy kills can be used with companion tussle, one definitely on any account. Resist enemy killing is life-and-death, with companion tussle it is to be nodded till, bow one's head of the person that be defeated weighs me, the winner becomes group chief, have individual and as copulatory as female " parturient " the right.