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If dinosaur is done not have extinct, can today be how?
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If dinosaur can live to be today, the descendants place that tellurian basically gives birth to detachable collar region to still can be dinosaur is being occupied by force; Contrary, mammalian developmental meeting gets their inhibition. Environmental opposite content has transformed effect, that is to say, the meeting such as biologic appearance and characteristics is developmental as environmental changes. If a lot of dinosaur of the end of the Cretaceous age that people knows evolve to be not meeting eye completely up to now, with them ancestral about is widely divergent. Because located environment is in,also have few number dinosaur 65 million years of course a change is not big, because this is developmental not apparent, still maintaining ancestral pattern. Without doubt, a little dinosaurian also, because of cannot of acclimatization change and be washed out by nature place. Most interesting is, have scientist speculation, the dinosaur with the cleverest end of the Cretaceous age -- narrow ungual dragon will evolution is become fear a person, kind of person animal that becomes by dinosaurian evolution namely. They will be today earthly ruler. If be really such, the world that did not regard mammal as mankind today.