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Dinosaurian and extinct the joint action at internal cause and external cause?
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In be apart from today 65 million years before, dinosaurian and extinct, the reptile with the relatively large other such as pterodactyl, ichthyosaur, plesiosaur also at the same time extinct, those who stay is the diminutive reptile such as extremely ordinary at that time lizard, snake, chelonian and alligator kind group live up to now. While most reptile sort is extinct, a few aquatic in ocean, include not little tiny plankton (battalion floats the biology of the life) sort also fails escape by sheer luck, sufferred likewise extinct. Big extinct, small extinct also, this report gives extinct scope very big. While a large number of sort are extinct, still partial sort survived to come down, this specification is extinct still not be sweep anything away everything, have however alternative. This is like is one piece is formed in nature of Mesozoic Era end special " net " , a few animals cannot go, extinct; Another some of animal went, continue to live. This piece " net " the condition of discharged and no entry is objective, animal whether carry the condition that treats its oneself. This that is to say, extinct it is animal and environment the result that two respects contradiction conflicts, so we must be mixed from the circumstance of animal itself outside ambient two respects go to this piece of net seek dinosaurian and extinct reasonable cause. Happen -- development -- die out, it is the basic rule that all things develop, dinosaur also is such. Dinosaurian from inside the Triassic Period terminal appear to end of the Cretaceous age extinct, live time is as long as 160 million years longer even. In this long period, the environment condition of most moment is relatively stable, suit dinosaurian life extremely. Superior geographical climate environment, superior biology environment (gymnosperm is occupied advantageous, mammal and avian and puny) dinosaur " be used to is bad " , make dinosaur was formed very special the life habit that change. Where are they to the life, have what food, need what kind of temperature and humidity condition, what kind of competitor has strict dependence etc. Below this kind of circumstance, outside ambient condition changes inside certain limit (the suiting of metabolic speed and extent in dinosaur inside ability) , dinosaur still can suit directly, perhaps carry habit of change part life, or it is to pass the mechanism evolution of heredity and mutation to give new sort to get used to new environment. As the elapse of time, a few old kind group disappear, new kind group generation gets used to developmental expression this kind namely. But once appear,ambient conditions produces acuteness change inside short time, what this change exceeded dinosaur on speed and extent is the biggest get used to limit, at this moment dinosaur is shown to the environment incommensurate, begin decline then, move toward then extinct " blind lane " . In fact, the decline of dinosaur and reptile of Mesozoic Era other and extinct also not be coinstantaneous. Great and prosperous Xi buttock was obtained in Jurassic Period kind dinosaurian, among them Xi foot kind ebbed in the Cretaceous age, only the Southern Hemisphere had a few sort to survive end of the Cretaceous age. Large carnivorous dragon kind outside dividing dragon of Xiang Yu the Conqueror, the others sort also decreases greatly in the Cretaceous age. Prosperous stegosaurus is spent in Jurassic Ceng Yi kind, in the Cretaceous age inchoate ebb extinct. After stegosaurus is extinct very long, ichthyosaur and pterodactyl ability is extinct. And horny dragon appears the latest, its life is the briefest also, they lived only the time 2289. Happen in elementary classification unit (if belong to, kind) extinct often happen more. From the point of the thing development rule of nature, dinosaur is terminal in the Triassic Period appear, after passing the prosperity with Jurassic Period and inchoate the Cretaceous age, in the Cretaceous age terminal and rapid trend ebbs, as a result is extinct finally should be the reasonable course that accords with a thing to develop the rule. But, if sheet is mixed from dinosaurian and familial consenescence,the change of itself of ground ball condition explains the live thing that is a delegate with dinosaur is big extinct (the hypothesis of this respect calls gradual change to talk) , should say to also appear a little pale. Dinosaur is a very big group after all, estimation has on 1000 to belong to kind more even, and live on each mainland of the whole world, the performance on the arena in evolution of earthly metaphase life is outstanding. Returned evolution to give armour a huge extinct reptile in the Cretaceous age especially kind, swollen head dragon kind with horny dragon kind, these are new kind group should suit to the environment, the brief period that how can you go up in geological history (hundreds of all ages) inside all and extinct? Look, affirmation is additional still among this have a reason. Scientists pass tough effort, the clues that a certain number of disastrous event place in coming from the universe stay discovered on the earth, as a result of the universe at the same time scientific progress gained the cosmic knowledge beyond many earths, the connection that showed the earth and solar system, galaxy and even universe is close together, organic, the activity of cosmic celestial or heavenly body is objective existence to earthly influence, often, be in all the time happening. Then, cause to earthly environment with the disastrous event in coming from the universe extremely the calamity that havoc will come to to explain dinosaur is extinct changes theory (correspondence is talked at gradual change also be called mutation to talk) in nearly a few years very be current. When old dinosaur is moving toward downfallen decline below new environment, the massive harm of the disastrous event in sufferring come from the universe again (include the indirect harm that immediate to dinosaur harm and the gigantic havoc to the environment cause) , this kind of harm accelerated the rate of dinosaurian die out, bring about finally be completely annihilated to disappear from the scene from the earth. This should be more logical explanation.

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