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Does dinosaurian chorion attenuate what to show?
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Scientist discovery is in before dinosaur is extinct, dinosaurian chorion becomes thinner and thinner, inchoate normal ply is 2.8 millimeter, of dinosaurian and extinct period have 1 millimeter only normally. Dinosaur is in extinct a paragraph of small time before, chorion is particularly thin occupy about 90% . This kind of thin chorion is very easy and broken, embryo dies because of dehydration easily also. The scientist returns discovery, embryo died before hatch, because chorion is too thin, do not have a law to be in the dinosaurian and embryonic skeleton of development offers indispensable calcium to pledge. The basis is right avian the research that produces phenomenon of frivolous case egg, the scientist thinks, dinosaur produces many frivolous case egg, because in the Cretaceous age the tremendous climate of evening happening and environmental change cause the mother dinosaur that will do dinosaurian mom,be people decompensation, after metabolism is disturbed, cause. Can infer, be in " dinosaurian times " in final years, dinosaurian day is very uneasy.