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Is the heavenly body is bumped dinosaurian and extinct culprit?
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Last centuries since 80 time, the scientist ever cared about Daligubiao in a when the area discovered the Cretaceous age and layer of the 3rd discipline have sex fallow clay, the phenomenon with the particularly rich content of iridium element. Mix in Denmark, Spain, Holand, New Zealand, United States again later Atlantic sea floor discovered rich iridium layer. In the time that does not arrive 3 years, nearly 40 countries and area reported the existence of rich iridium layer in succession. This kind of element is in iridium the content inside earthly terrane is extremely low, and the content in the asteroid in deep space and aerolite is quite rich however. Accordingly, the existence of this rich iridium layer bumps strong evidence of the earth in end of the Cretaceous age with respect to asteroid be consideringed as. This moment as it happens produced dinosaur extinct, have a scientist then this both union rises, put forward to explain dinosaur is extinct " minor planet is bumped say " . The scientist that puts forward this one hypothesis points out, before 65 million years, a diameter makes an appointment with 10 kilometers, quality to be 120 thousand one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two tons 7 asteroid to produce violent collision with the earth in move. The big explosion that this collision causes approximates 1 million times of force of explosion of the biggest h-bomb, be equivalent to quality of minor planet oneself the fine dust of 100 times is cast into aerosphere. Concentrated dust cloud obscures sky, became a night by day then, those who be as long as 5 years is long. In this long night, the ground is less than sunshine because of accepting and suddenly cold, the plant dies generally because of cannot undertaking photosynthesis, make thereby direct or it is alimental dinosaur and the other reptile that take regnant place at that time with the plant secondhand extinct. Also the scientist suffers extinct fact likewise according to marine biology, think what collide with the earth is not minor planet, however comet. Because the noxiousness material such as potassium cyanide is contained a lot ofin comet, above all kill with poison the plankton in water area, just cause next direct or what be alimental animal with plankton secondhand is extinct. Because this thinks, comet just is to cause dinosaurian and extinct real prime culprit. Still have scientist ground tellurian biology is extinct have periodic characteristic it seems that, put forward the earth to move in solar system, be about to cross the minor planet band of solar system at regular intervals, suffer the bombard of minor planet thereby. Also when somebody thinks to run course galaxy plane when solar system, cosmic dust can disturb comet cloud, cause earth of comet rain bombard, every time bombard may be as long as tens of thousands of years even hundred thousands of years. Happened in the comet on Jupiter and incident of Jupiter barge against in July 1994, say palpability produces such disaster possibly also on the earth. A lot of aerolite hole on the earth are the evidence of disaster of this kind of collision.

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