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Does dinosaur erupt at supernova to death
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Occasionally, sky of look into the distance, you may discover amazedly: In some star area, appeared a bright tiny spot that never has seen! Spent a few months merely however even a few days, it swoon. People sees they appear suddenly, once thought they are the star that just is born for a time, name so cry " nova " . Actually, they not only not be newborn celestial or heavenly body, contrary, it is to moving toward the senile star that become feeble and die however. When star enters old age, its center can contract upcountry and crust expands outside face however, form a red giant star. Red giant star is very flabby decide, sooner or later its meeting fiercely erupts. In erupting greatly, star will cast the quality that shoots him much, release tremendous energy at the same time. Such, be in a few days short inside, its luminosity will increase hundred thousands of times likely, this is people see " nova " . If sidereal outbreak is again some more violent, its luminosity increases to be able to exceed 10 million even times, such star is called " supernova " . The intense rate that supernova erupts makes a person fab. Allegedly it is in the energy of discharge of a few days of batter, it is like star of a youth in a few years place radiant is much in that way, as a result looks it to resemble a galaxy bright in that way! Nova or the important segment that the outbreak of supernova is celestial body evolution, it is the funeral with senile brilliant star, it is the drive person of new student star at the same time. The outbreak of supernova may cause countless sidereal birth in around nebula. On the other hand, what nova and supernova erupt is cindery, also be to form other spherical important material, e.g. , a lot of material elements come from our tellurian today those star that disappear already. The meeting when supernova erupts produces powerful cosmic radiation, to accepting radiant biology can produce massive harm. According to the phenomenon of this one astronomy in the universe, the scientist thinks, end of the Cretaceous age, there is supernova to happen near solar system violent erupt, produced powerful cosmic ray illuminate to arrive on the earth. Dinosaurian by ray illuminate hind, those who die is dead, the injury of the injury, cause gene mutation, produce a few grotesque mutation offspring (the dinosaur with terminal the Cretaceous age mostly lardy-dardy) . Such mutation is individual the ability of acclimatization is great not strong, vitality is weaker, as a result is extinct finally. This is dinosaurian and extinct supernova erupts hypothesis.