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Is because is sexual scale maladjusted,dinosaur and of may you die without sons?
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Biology is in evolution, since occurrence sexual distinction splits up, have female and male branch mostly, can is their sexual distinction how decide? Be good at exploration " why " the scientist is other to animal sex the discovery after payoff undertakes study, person and the sexual distinction with mammalian great majority are by the sexual chromosome in reproductive cell (conclusive other chromosome) of the decision. It is to said when to oosperm is united in wedlock with oocyte in spermatozoon, decide the embryo that development becomes is female or male namely. And have a lot of animals additionally, be like animal of wireworm, carapace, fish and many reptile, including lizard, alligator, chelonian, turtle to wait among them is not however such, their sexual distinction is decided by the environmental element when hatch. The environmental element that indicates here basically is temperature. Observation discovery, one kind gives birth to alligator now, if they produce egg in the wet ground under 32 ℃ , what hatch goes out is small female alligator. If produce the alligator Chao Li that v/arc be on the throne is in at dry embankment, warmer, it is 34 ℃ commonly, the much that the egg hatch here gives is small male alligator. As a result of dinosaur and alligator kind have closer relationship kissing a predestined relationship, accordingly, the scientist discovers according to this, the reptile such as the dinosaur it and Mesozoic Era end is big extinct connection rises, made the speculation that be as follows: Because climate of the Cretaceous age is transitional, air temperature is reduced, this besides make the dinosaur of as congeneric as alligator cold-blooded animal is faced cannot beyond the trouble of live through the winter, the sexual proportion that still affected their offspring is maladjusted, some phyletic offspring are likely " ruffian " form a pile, some sort may be " daughter " in crows. Because dinosaur is same a scale of phyletic unborn sexual distinction is maladjusted, the spouse cannot be searched after manhood and cannot raise up seed, bring about all dinosaur finally kind group extinct. This is dinosaurian and extinct hypothesis is medium " the environment decides sexual distinction is talked " .