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Dinosaurian and extinct erupt at global volcano?
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The Cretaceous age is terminal, the lithosphere moves to begin to enter again active period, volcanic, earthquake happens often, changes of earthly Shanghai, land is enormous, land carries litre and the area expands further. Especially Atlantic ceaseless dilate, pacific Ocean is relatively contractible, make region of annulus Pacific Ocean (all round Pacific Ocean the region with mainland photograph adjacent) the lithosphere moves more acuteness, divide seismic volcano frequent outside, return the drape mountain chain with many apophysis, cause the tremendous change of earthly environment. This kind of global earthquake and volcano erupt, bring direct real-life disaster besides the reptile that gives dinosaur is a delegate and other animal beyond, still caused long-term to earthly environment extremely havoc. Eruption held back sun's rays line to pass in atmosphere, the quantity of heat that makes the ground receives the sun decreases, bring about air temperature to reduce. A large number of volcanic and ejective acidity gas and lunt are encountered cold form acid rain to fall, frequent acid rain and sedimentation ceaselessly the eruption of the ground makes upper harmful material grow in quantity, wait like radioelement, toxic substance, changed the physico-chemical character of earthly surface layer greatly thereby. The source of water that is polluted and food make large terrestrial animal and aquatic sufferred appetite biggish dinosaur and other slow and deadly harm... when this global insanity indulge in wilful persecution is gradually far go, when the mainland restores calm again, the large reptile such as dinosaurian, pterodactyl, ichthyosaur, plesiosaur is exiguous with each passing day already, all finally extinct.

After the evidence that this is the seismic volcano calamity that the scientist discovers the Cretaceous age is terminal and frequent, the explanation that offer is dinosaurian and extinct of the reason " volcano erupts say " .