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Does dinosaur die at bromatoxism?
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It is dinosaurian and extinct that dinosaur dies at bromatoxism " alkaloid is toxic say " viewpoint. This hypothesis thinks: Xi foot kind dinosaur had lived to go up on the earth the time 100000000, in this lengthy process, they rise as gymnospermous prosperous and flourishing development. That is to say the main food that gymnosperm is dinosaur of these establish feeding habits, fern is less important. The scientist analysed a plant complex of institute of the plant on evolution history is complex and chemical composition, the result is, mesozoic Era is inchoate the brake that already appeared kind He Songbai kind the plant contains the Dan Ning acerbity element with very high concentration, and Jurassic terminal or the Cretaceous age is inchoate in succession arisen the earliest plant having a flower (angiosperm) do not have Dan Ning acerbity element and have the alkaloid with strong action. Alkaloid is tasted rising is bitter, some are alkaline like vomiting nut, it is virulent. A few complex of other (like herion and so on) also meet bad to the physiology generation of the animal influence. In the Cretaceous age, because the change of environment is mixed,competing to suffer a defeat mediumly with angiosperm, gymnosperm ebbs with each passing day, and angiosperm is prosperous with each passing day. In dinosaurian kingdom " giant " -- Xi foot kind dinosaurian by take completely feed gymnosperm and fern instead to be when these chronic food shortage, must take feed new occurrence angiosperm allay one's hunger. They are in cannot feel those although chroma is low but however below the circumstance of the existence of can deadly toxin, as much as one likes devoured many angiosperm, bring about serious physiology finally maladjusted, die even. As a whole, dinosaurian appetite is very big, the amount that they absorb alkaloid is quite considerable. Because carnivorous sex dinosaur preys establish feeding habits is dinosaurian and absorb many alkaloid, same meeting is caused toxic. Especially a large number of death as a result of dinosaur of establish feeding habits, dinosaur of final and inevitable feeding habits giving the meat brings food to be in short supply, cause food crisis. Because of food chain interrupt, bring about finally include carnivorous sex dinosaur inside dinosaur is familial and all extinct.