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Is because is its the youngest son preyed,dinosaur extinct?
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Ebb according to dinosaur of evening of the Cretaceous age extinct, and it is difficult to mammal develops somewhat however and had escaped successfully to rob the fact that rises abruptly quickly in the Cenozoic Era, then, somebody offerred mammal and other a few small-sized carnivore ate dinosaur stealthily to be being mixed in the egg of hatch preyed the cause that dinosaurian the youngest son causes dinosaurian and extinct hypothesis to explain dinosaur is extinct.

Primitive mammal the Triassic Period before 200000000 is terminal appeared, but the world that in those days is dinosaur, the ambient conditions of Mesozoic Era makes their ascensive feature, be like hot-blooded constant temperature, do not have a law to show special advantage, give bigger effect without play so. These primitive mammal are individual very small, living tenaciously with puny group from beginning to end. They are big by day dwell resides underground, night just comes out activity, basically prey a few puppy. Arrived the Cretaceous age, environment gradually so not appropriate at dinosaur this kind of reptile. Persistent air temperature drops and the climate with trenchant the four seasons, make eventually the physiology characteristic of constant temperature of mammalian warm blood dash forward show its advantage. At this moment, they just are boiled eventually gave a head, acquired a new life, had new development, its sort and amount are ceaseless grow in quantity. Arrived the Cretaceous age is terminal, the advantage that mammal had had those who comparative to compete with dinosaur, can rather one definitely relative superiority or inferiority. The fact also is such, dinosaurian and extinct, and mammal lived to come down however and became the Cenozoic Era " master " .