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Dinosaurian all kind group be abrupt and extinct?
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In fact, all dinosaurian sort, even if in bigger classification kind group go up, their occurrence, flourishing, decline and extinct not be coinstantaneous. Great and prosperous Xi buttock was obtained in Jurassic Period kind dinosaurian, among them Xi foot kind ebbed in the Cretaceous age, only the Southern Hemisphere had a few sort to survive end of the Cretaceous age. Large carnivorous dragon kind outside dividing dragon of Xiang Yu the Conqueror, the others sort also decreases greatly in the Cretaceous age. Prosperous stegosaurus is spent in Jurassic Ceng Yi kind, in the Cretaceous age inchoate ebb extinct. After stegosaurus is extinct, armour dragon kind prosperous. The Cretaceous age is inchoate, appeared swollen head dragon kind, bird foot kind medium duck mouth dragon kind also the Cretaceous age just appears, and horny dragon kind appear the latest, its life is the briefest also, they lived only the time 2289. The group that produces on elementary classification unit group extinct often happen more. Dinosaurian fossil " tell " we, with respect to general trends character, dinosaur arrives from decline of family financial situation all and extinct what experienced 30 million years about is longer.