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Geological experts "Start," said the dinosaur
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Hefei, Wuhu, in the heart of the road, hidden in an antique building. Three in the afternoon on Saturday, under the leadership of the reporter, more than 30 lucky readers fossils of Anhui Province came to the museum, a variety of mineral crystals, ancient fossils and paleontological mystery museum staff to explain the wonderful Wang Let readers away. He is a connoisseur of small dinosaur "My son likes to play a small dinosaur just inside our house and dinosaurs are related books and CDs are a lot of small guys cried every day, so I bought him a dinosaur Collection." No reporter went to the museum to look at the fossils to Mr. Hang Hang with 10-year-old son came early Qi, Mr. Hang activities of our old friend of the Museum, from the outset he actively participated in our activities, the reporter saw him, he has been waiting with his son for a long time, "I and my son is your fan of this event, ah, we must carefully read the newspaper every day this week, have another look at the activities, as long as that notice, send text messages to his son immediately register, send Not yet even a few more hair, for fear of missing our ah! "just to see the reporters could not wait to hang President told reporters," This is the point of view heard that dinosaur fossils, his son every day looking forward to the arrival on Saturday . " Hang young age of the dinosaurs, but sub-kei "experts", and entered the hall, the little guy ran away with excitement. "Dinosaurs first appeared about two hundred and forty million years ago in the Triassic, the demise of approximately sixty-five million years ago occurred in the Cretaceous Mesozoic Cretaceous mass extinction at the end. The ultimate extinction of the dinosaurs at six thousand five hundred years pre-Cenozoic Tertiary Paleocene. "geological experts to act as a guide Wangen Shan teacher duties, he just spoke, a group of kids surrounded him on the round. "Wang, the dinosaur is how life ah? Dinosaurs and birds have anything to do it?" "Wang, the birthplace of dinosaur in Argentina it?" Kids you made me a language teacher asked the king took a non- stop, Wang patiently answered all the questions the children, and gave us spread the knowledge of a dinosaur. Minerals are natural reward "Our lives minerals and mineral is a necessity of life, we all wearing clothes, household items used in many minerals are closely related and these are our reward ah nature!" In the mineral crystal Hall, Wang's words immediately attracted everyone. In the exhibition hall, a wide range of various glorious shining very beautiful mineral crystals. Azurite, calcite, stibnite, fluorite, Balin Dan, etc., readers have come up with mobile phone and camera pictures taken with the stones. "Wow, really can not believe that these are naturally occurring, is simply so beautiful ah." Patting the side of a stalactite Mr. Wang, out loud sigh. "Now a lot of people collect paintings, collect antiques, in fact, these minerals are also highly collectible, especially the kind of natural minerals, so we go out to travel when you can look to, oh." Mood of the audience looked quite Wang enthusiastic teachers a reminder to the reader. We are happy to nod good, the exhibition hall from time to time came the laughter. "Nature is amazing, it gives us better human beings create a lot of wealth, each of us should have a pair of good eyes, sense the magical charm of nature. Of course the most important thing is we must learn how to protect large nature, love nature, learn and live in harmony. "before the end, Wang said in all earnestness to all readers, the children nodded. "The children not only increase knowledge, but also by education, so the Museum really kill two birds with ah!" 9-year-old girl's mother smiled Wangle Yao told reporters.