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New view: global warming dinosaurs are lizards evolved under the
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According to foreign media reports, British scientists recently found that: dinosaurs by 300 million years ago during the Carboniferous period evolved from lizards, and global warming is the main condition to promote the evolution of lizards. It is understood that British scientists around the world to collect fossils of hundreds of species of reptiles, and detailed analysis of how they evolved step by step. Carboniferous period of global warming is very serious, Pangaea tropical rainforest on the cover are turned into desert because of the drought. This climate makes the lizard slowly adapted to the arid climate, and slowly evolved into a wide variety of dinosaurs. Scientists said they first discovered the impact of climate warming, animals will make them the most surprising is that climate warming can not only become a block of dry tropical rain forest, but also the entire forest into a single independent " biological communities. " Because changes in living conditions, to make that many dinosaurs evolved into reptiles, birds, mammals and so on. This indicates that additional global warming of species diversity. Scientists study ancient fossils found in a wide variety of dinosaurs, and global warming appears to be confirmed as the main cause of the dinosaurs. Now, more and more serious global warming, the Arctic ice begins to melt in the Arctic and Antarctic have even started a large area of woods. Scientists said that now the Earth is beginning to trend to the Carboniferous era, many animals have been forced to leave their original habitat, to find a new way out. Scientists said that although the Carboniferous period the animals were in the face of catastrophic damage to the ecosystem will choose to use evolutionary methods to adapt to the environment, but animals and humans on the planet may not have animals that are less fortunate during the the.