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Sauropod dinosaur found in China or reveal the evolutionary ancestors mystery
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Scientists have claimed to have discovered may be far the most complete dinosaur fossil, which may be all of the sauropod dinosaur ancestors, scientists think that dinosaurs in the evolutionary history of sauropod dinosaurs play an important role. According to foreign media reports, well-preserved skeleton 9 meters in length, has a long-necked sauropod dinosaur iconic heavyweight stature. German paleontologist Sac - Chatterjee (Sankar Chatterjee) said that these bones were Found in Yunnan, China Lufeng region. He will be in the United States, held in Denver, Colorado, Geological Society of America meeting, announced the preliminary findings. According to Professor Chatterjee's research shows that these bones, these four-legged sauropods position, has a broad domed head, short snout and large U-jaw, eye socket can be located on both sides and Found when the predator. On the other hand, the upper and lower serrated edge of a long spoon-like teeth used for feeding and chewing, a long neck so that they can easily get to the height of the tree leaves. Professor Chatterjee said that the bone That opened like a secret manuscript, from which will help scientists understand the evolution of dinosaurs. It is estimated that a skeleton dating back some 200 million years ago, the area has unearthed many other dinosaur fossil discovery. According to Web of Science (kexue.com) understand that this may be a new species, was tentatively named Yizhou Sun Dragon (Yizhousaurus sunae). As of early sauropod dinosaur skull is very fragile, they were able to so completely preserved rare.