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Archaeology honeymoon to find dinosaur tracks
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Walk along the long coastline, in the next "accompany" you is a 35 feet in length, the "Ocean tyrannosaurus," said the fossil. In Devon Jurassic Coast, like this out of the rocks exposed in the Paleozoic Material fossils are numerous amazing. From the Triassic, Jurassic until the Cretaceous period, during which the Earth 185 million years of history, and it was concentrated in front of you, by contrast, life is just dust. From Studland Bay, Dorset starting to Exmouth in Devon to the end, this is only only 95 miles of coastline is the Grand Canyon and Australia and the United States carved par Davao Jurassic Coast is The first in British history to be included in the World Natural Heritage geological miracle. In contrast, any one of the world, Museum of Paleontology have seemed so dull and blunt, those naturally embedded in the red cliffs of the dinosaur bones Between fossils and sea planes confrontation with heaven, the rough wilderness mad enough to display in the indoor air of "compatriots" dwarfs. If not personally seen, it is hard to imagine by the body to reproduce the evolution of ancient life wonderful scenic attractions The time period described by solidification of the film. Through the history of the earth 185 million years, there is a knowledgeable guide accompanying paleontology is essential. Brandon is my guide an avid fossil collectors. People scattered in twos and threes by the sun shining in this piece of golden coast, holding a small hammer hammering against the rocks, and even runs a risk of falling into the sea, to beat the stones near the cliff edge. Search Fossil find the best season is winter, surging waves crashing on the cliffs, soft debris washed down the shore, the chance of finding a living fossil and thus increased the most commonly found in the submarine Nautilus and some fossil fragments of fossil reptiles , An earlier than the dinosaurs appeared, like a long triangular head with wonderful sea-dwelling dolphins Triassic creatures. But I was not the best of luck the day the person, an American man holding the tire as the size of a baby carrier Ammonite Fossil, looks better than winning a lottery is also happy. In fact, even if not particularly beautiful fossils found nothing, and that Some of the sea along the Jurassic Coast rock lined, or was gray, dark green, or was, or was dark, like the silence of the sea fighting a giant, and its desolation is also quite spectacular spectacle. Bizarre fossil forest and the beach bite Ding, and one after another stone struck the sound together, constitute a remarkable different from the traditional seaside leisure experience: in this moment is eternal and the natural freeze down.