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Participate in network activity exploration to develop new way
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From tribute world geology the park is current the world geology is the youngest member in park network, to do well geological park is built and supervise the work, from tribute world geology the park enters relevant activity actively, absorb development nutrition. Will come 15 days on September 10, my garden office in case Zhou Yuanming of curator of vice director, dinosaurian museum, display the 4 people such as Xie Yong of head of department of department head Huang Daxi, research to represent from tribute world geology the park is in charge of appoint can go to a Nei Monggol Autonomous Region city of 2 Lian Hao spy attended " Chinese geology. This second conference is grand meeting of our country geological park and geoscience tourism group. The conference by department of environment of geology of ministry of land natural resources, China geological meeting travels office of natural resources of land of the geoscience and branch of geological park research, Nei Monggol Autonomous Region is sponsorred, 2 undertake even municipal government. 4 old team basically head city of Chen Xiaoning of vice director of department of annulus of Xia Guozhi of former undersecretary of ministry of land natural resources, ground, 2 Lian Hao spy and each controller of main branch attends the meeting, 230 much people play the expert learned man of qualitative park of countrywide each district, institution of higher learing, museum, institute the conference, be like,have home's famous expert among them: Dong Zhiming of famous and dinosaurian expert, Zhao Xi is entered, li Fenglin of famous paleontology home, abdicate of Zhao of expert of famous and geological park, Chen Anze, Tian Mingzhong, advocate equality. Session, expert scholars are used around geological and vestigial protection and development, the theory of geoscience of geological park management and construction, travel and practice had extensive communication, shared scholar of many 70 expert to be able to go up in congress or group academic report. The travel resource such as port of house of bury of highway of the dinosaurian town door that the conference returned special organization to inspect city of 2 Lian Hao spy, dinosaurian landscape, dinosaurian fossil, border land, and 2 park construction and development undertook even dinosaurian geology special subject delibrate, offerred a lot of good proposals and opinion for the 2 development that travel repeatedly. From tribute world geology the park submits paper to this second conference in all 5, all be talked by income congress collected works. The construction that 5 papers content involves geological park museum, dinosaurian the plan and construction of kind of geological park, research from tribute dinosaur fossil, from tribute geology vestigial protection and development are used wait for a respect. Zhou Yuanming curator and foliaceous brave researcher parted to make learning report on the meeting. In the meantime, zhou Yuanming curator still chaired the academic seminar of the group as the convener, make summary speech on concluding congress on behalf of the group. Through attending this second meeting, promoted further from the influence of tribute world geological park inside course of study. Institutional leader and expert also offerred sufficient affirmation to our job, also strive for for funds of project of geological henceforth vestigial protection the newspaper is exhibited to approve those who wait for the job to begin outside mixing laid very good foundation. Next, make an on-the-spot investigation through the conference with communication, we understood park of domestic other geology deep more, especially dinosaurian the current situation of kind of geological park and development direction, the development that studies a lot of pairs of geological parks and museum has the new thinking that draws lessons from action and method. Manage through research, as geological as numerous dinosaur park and the extensive communication of the expert of the respect such as geoscience of construction, travel and person of the same trade, enhanced the communication between each other and knowledge, laid good foundation for the communication henceforth and collaboration. We still inspected Inner Mongolia museum and Inner Mongolia Long Hao geology on a special trip after the meeting ancient biology research center, the new discovery that understood Inner Mongolia to change face of cubic metre of stone in dinosaur in recent years mainly, new achievement and new exhibition case, in the meantime, will disentomb in the field of dinosaurian fossil henceforth, the communication that the research, controller that shows the collaboration that waits for a respect and dragon Hao center external had development, already disentombed with respect to next dinosaurian fossil that from tribute the researcher participates in Inner Mongolia area study with collaboration matters concerned reached consensus, take out a surname to fossil disentombs and study the work from tribute dinosaur, walked out of Sichuan to open a new window.
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