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5 cross help Sang Zaiyu up to return
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Should the invitation of Japanese Sino-Japanese news agency, from tribute dinosaur museum will attend to be held in Japan on August 31 at coming 2008 months on July 20, 2007 " dinosaurian mainland is exhibited " (Dinosaur Continent) , at present the exhibition ends satisfactorily already. Sum up the circumstance of this second exhibition as follows now:
This second exhibition Japan just sponsors an unit is Sino-Japanese news agency, chinese respect is much home unit attends jointly, by geology of Chinese geological academy of sciences the institute is in charge of taking the lead, from tribute dinosaur museum reachs 7 units such as Gansu Province, Zhejiang, Heilongjiang, Henan to attend jointly.
This second exhibition name is " dinosaurian mainland (Dinosaur Continent) " , for itinerate exhibition. The first station knows international of city of prefectural name ancient house to reveal for love (came on July 20, 2007 on September 2) , visiting number 40 more than person-time; The 2nd station is shown for Zhang Zhan of act of 1000 leaves county (came on March 20, 2008 on May 18) visiting number makes an appointment with 280 thousand person-time; The 3rd station is revealed for ibis of new 潟 county (came on July 18, 2008 on August 31) 160 thousand person-time controls visiting number. Accumulative total of this second exhibition audience makes an appointment with 840 thousand person-time.
This second exhibition not only scale is very large, and high-quality goods gathers. Besides China, still have the exhibit of the country such as Mongolia, Korea, Thailand, Japan, all sorts of vertebrate framework amount to 48, the specimen that still has state of a lot of bury at the same time and all sorts of representative samples, and a certain number of machines are dinosaurian. From tribute dinosaur museum shares 16 () item on display attends showpiece, have many precious specimens among them, the content of dinosaurian intestines and stomach that if be made public first,exhibits and doubt are like dinosaurian excrement and urine to wait. From tribute dinosaur the item on display of museum shows branch field in each is to be put in the markeddest locally, it may be said grabs an eye especially, times suffer fix eyes upon, become the jewel with the most dazzling exhibition.
This morrow exhibits a sense originally extraordinary, results quite abundant. This second exhibition is sponsor by Sino-Japanese news agency, each exhibit an opening ceremony that all held impetus huge, each ginseng exhibits an unit to all send ginseng to add, japan has force most each are big the TV station made spot living broadcast, numerous media had a story. In the meantime, this second exhibition is sessional, dinosaurian museum stood to hold grand signing ceremony in county of Japanese blessing well, my house and this house conclude formally for sister house. Of sister house signed the collaboration that will wait for a respect in scientific research, exhibition henceforth for two houses to lay good foundation.
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