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From tribute geology the park is gone to heart attend plenary meeting of geologi
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Get the delegate of municipal Party committee, municipal government, the congress of geological park of the 3rd world that from tribute museum Zhou Yuanming, Zhang Yongcong represents dinosaur to went to Germany to attend U.N. Educational to hold in June 2008 from tribute geology park. This conference pulls seat of geological park of dimension tower world especially in Germany Aosinabulvke is held. This the theme of the conference is: Communicate our earth. Conference target is: Found appropriate method to be opposite in order to promote people geological and vestigial understanding. Come from the whole world nearly 500 delegates of 60 many countries attended 5 continent this second grand meeting. China shared 10 many geological parks to attend this grand meeting. From tribute geology the park appears on this grand meeting first, results quite abundant. In June 21-22 day, the fair of geological park of the first world that before from tribute geology the park attended to meet, holds. Exhibition overcomes the historical market square of downtown to hold in Lv of cloth of abstruse Si Na. The world geological park that comes from world each district revealed manual of respective elegant wall map, travel and poster newspaper to everybody. From tribute geology park of 3 garden area elegant exhibit board attracted numerous place dweller and tourist, in exhibit we still sent out on the meeting many propagandist manual, brief introduction, smooth dish and an album of paintings. On June 23 morning, congress of geological park of the 3rd world pulls open heavy curtain. Pull L of chairman of geological park of dimension tower world especially. M. Hugo sends congress to welcome decline. Offer to fall in his, all delegates attending the meeting stand up to Chinese Sichuan brethren stand in silent tribute dies one minute in big earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River. This makes us Chinese delegacy, especially we are touched very as the exclusive delegacy of Sichuan. On June 23 afternoon, congress learning communication can begin formally. The expert scholar that attend the meeting around " establish appropriate method in order to promote people vestigial to geology understanding " the viewpoint that conference target elaborates him. In the meantime, had extensive development to the following problem ground communication and discuss: What is best communication method can you choose meeting theme to more extensive crowd? How will geological vestigial be united in wedlock with travel photograph? Geological travel whether the development that raises an area? What is the task in geological park of the world in this one process? From tribute geology the park strove for congress the first day through effort speech opportunity, take the opportunity to publicize and be revealed to whole world effectively from tribute geology the geological resource with distinctive park is mixed rich humanitarian landscape. From tribute geology the elegant picture of the park mixes wonderful introducing, wonderful result produced on the meeting. The person that attend the meeting anounced the most enthusiastic applause. Compere praises from tribute geology the park is the geological park like a dream, break rules the ground will come from the delegate from tribute geology park, person that from curator of tribute dinosaur museum accord of Introduction Zhou Yuanming is met after the speech, before great kindness invites representing, Zhou Yuanming curator also comes from tribute to look around. The delegate that comes from world each district also is attracted deeply by the distinctive glamour from tribute geology park. Wilson of scholar of German expert Pterson, Denmark and Roman benefit inferior education and Alexan of geological protection expert right from tribute geology the park is profuse in praise, they express to hope to be strengthened further in succession before be being mixed with the communication from tribute geology park and collaboration, go to look around. British expert Brian Gregson criterion say: "The report that is you persuaded me, let me make a decision, that must look namely to China from tribute geology park " . Subsequently, a few famous media of local are right still from tribute geology the park undertook interviewing, this also is Chinese delegacy in the person that be interviewed exclusively. From tribute geology the park becomes a effect of the propaganda in joining the 10 many delegation of the meeting is best. Late on June 25, from tribute geology the park attended new geological park to award card ceremony, this mark is worn from tribute geology the park moves toward the world formally. After the meeting, the field that from tribute geology the park still entered to sponsor square arrangement inspects an activity, take the opportunity the communication that strengthens as geological as other world park and study, from tribute geology the park is China in joining meeting delegation participator of exclusive whole process, also got for this reputably. Up to now, the network of world geological park that U.N. Educational supports (GGN) share 57 members, distributing in the whole world 18 countries, among them China has 20. From tribute world geology although the park is a the youngest at present, but the attention that getting each respect with strong attitude and excellent performance and affirmation.

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