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From tribute and Malaysia Lankawei signs memorandum
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Two worlds geological park concludes " sister is beautiful " Came 30 days on March 28, 2008, malaysia Lan Kawei develops administrative committee Dato ' block Maruierzan 5 people of group visit Mann Abuduo Ganni from tribute world geological park, and with deputy mayor of our city government, from tribute world geology the park is in charge of appoint Shi Min of can standing vice director fine talk, both sides is signed conclude sister park memorandum. Shi Min fine signing after hoping bilateral knot is sister park in the speech, collaboration and communication are strengthened inside the frame of memorandum, guardian is in geological park network kind be able to bear or endure to make due contribution with living geological environment. Group of Mr Gan Ni still looked round from museum of history of well of sea of the dinosaurian museum inside tribute world geological park, 燊 , salt industry, artesian well old street is mixed the tourist attraction such as colored lantern park. He is praised from hospitality of tribute people enthusiasm, hope and change travel communication into style or manner of writing from tribute, take the dinosaur from tribute and colored lantern Lankawei.