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From tribute world geology the park declares a success
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On Feburary 27, 2008, u.N. Educational sends an incoming letter to case, approval joins network of geological park of U.N. Educational world from tribute geology park. Letter says: "World geological park is evaluated bureau reach resolution, accept now from tribute geology the park joins network of geological park of U.N. Educational world. I believe, your geological park can make this network certainly in a outstanding, your governmental orgnaization also can be next management from tribute geology park and development to take step. Declare the job 2006 second half of the year is started, held water to hold the post of a group leader by Wang Hailin of Liu Jie of secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor from tribute city, the sectional chief such as city land, culture is a member from tribute world geology the park declares the job to head a group. Experienced the home March 2007 judge first, be recommended to U.N. Educational by ministry of land natural resources with the first achievement. Will accept U.N. Educational expert to arrive in August from tribute make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, experts are hearing a report, step place of historic interest, seek ancient market, after asking folk-custom, feeling character: "The geological situation from tribute is very individual " . Will pass the world geological park that in Malaysia Lankawei runs to evaluate the strict evaluation of the meeting again in November. From tribute geology the park spreads dinosaurian fossil by big hill group vestigial garden area, from Qing Longshan of county of area of garden of science and technology of tribute salt industry, flourish dinosaurian fossil group composition of vestigial garden region. Whole park with famed China and foreign countries in dwarf fossil of Luo Shi dinosaur group vestigial for main body landscape, complementary with the history long well salt produces vestigial landscape, the historical culture resource that combines massiness and resource of broad and profound colored lantern culture, it is a market gains ground scientific research, scientificly, sightseeing is browsed and lie fallow go vacationing at an organic whole, scientific connotation characteristic of rich, place breath of full-bodied, culture is grumous, provide the world geology that views and admire value extremely park. After tribute world geological park builds, will become Asia and even world-renowned geological park, show trait of the uniqueness of the park, natural sex, diversity, integrality in the round, systematic protection and the scientific value that use nature of etc of resource of geological and vestigial landscape and humanitarian resource integratedly, aesthetic value, zoology value, science teachs value and economic value, form perfect functional partition system, build ancient biology characteristic diversity of top-ranking, landscape, content culture of rich, district is rich, can participate in a gender strong, be benefited the muti_function geology with benefit of wide, zoology, society benefit and economic benefits unified photograph is vestigial develop groove guard with geological landscape. Current, the our city has been fulfilled " plan to build China from overall planning of tribute world geological park (2007-2020) " the community network construction of geological and vestigial management of the regulation; The superintendency measure of the geological landscape that perfected each function partition and diversity of geological and vestigial, biology, park geology is vestigial scene area (dot) the label reveals a system; Built geological and vestigial managing database and the system that monitor.

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