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From tribute dinosaur 1000 leaves of Japanese are beautiful
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Japan's famous news media " Sino-Japanese news agency " those who sponsor " dinosaurian mainland " exhibit Japanese make one's rounds to exhibit the 2nd station on March 19, 2008, in 1000 leaves county act Zhang Hui will exhibit 1000 Xiefu seasides on May 18 the center is held. Exhibition scale is very large, exhibit an about 10000 square metre, gathered together the country such as China, Mongolia, Korea, Thailand, Russia and Japan chooses the sent a few dinosaur that have force most at present fossil. Because Japan has dinosaurian exhibition almost every year to hold, because this sponsors an unit,want do one's best to have new window and breakthrough showpiece. This, "Dinosaurian mainland " exhibit can say an assemble the dinosaurian fossil with Asian the at present mainest area discovers achievement. The fossil of a batch of high-quality goods such as Yong Chuanlong of dragon of dragon of delicate eyebrows of government office of my house weather, brook of Mamen of too white Hua Yanglong, Yang, Li Sichuan dragon, peace goes out exhibit, in all 6 10 dinosaurian framework, representative samples. Because often undertake,show an activity, the exhibition undertakes square " Sino-Japanese news agency " seasoned, exhibition design content is active, besides basic framework and specimen reveal beyond, make we are experienced deeper is one kind interacts, all sorts of methods are used, the dinosaurian exhibition that gives a person a variety of information stimulation. If applied many electronic screen to introduce dinosaurian knowledge; Special introduction dinosaur disentombs, of research display reveal and special subject piece broadcast; Have the voice of footstep of special imitate dinosaur; What numerous machine dinosaur gathers together exhibit an area; Have little the interactive project that like, the dinosaur that the dress that having a program among them is skin of person dress dinosaur is dressed up and becomes and audience play, the performance is counted everyday, arrangement is in exhibit a medium clearing to go up, attracted all audiences every time come over, in the quiet spoondrift that an excitement arouses in looking around. Still have 4D movie theater at the same time, dig name of bookmark of dinosaurian, carry out, search dinosaurian knowledge to wait for a project. In the meantime, the comparison that undertakes to just consider the service of the exhibition is considerate. Have the shopping market with a bigger dimensions, it is concerned dinosaur book, souvenir entirely, amount and variety are very rich. Still have the snack store of a Kendeji, also establish technically for the exhibition. Exhibit the wholesome establishment all ready inside the area, service personnel is very sufficient also. Anyhow, below such environment, the audience is OK very convenient, very loosen the ground to be in exhibit stop for a long time, obtain very substantial information and recreational enjoyment. Exhibit by a definite date 60 days. Recieve an audience in all left and right sides of 280 thousand person, not minor sensation was caused in 1000 leaves.

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