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Qian is hired to discover my house suffers dinosaur first cross district to dise
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Qian of city of happy last year in September hill is town of aunt of prefectural filial piety to discover dinosaurian fossil, will receive the announcement that visits office of land natural resources this year in August, my house expedites an expert to head for spot perambulate. Bureau of natural resources of land of happy hill city suffers later entrust, my house composition will head a group by illumination of deputy curator Peng on September 18, tall intermediate professional in all of 7 people disentomb Qian of team march to presses down fossil of dinosaur of Min Jiang Bian to nod for aunt of prefectural filial piety, undertake insecurity disentombs difficultly the job. Disentomb the team takes, overcome the difficulty such as difference of condition of traffic inconvenience, board and lodging, rise to feel black, travel day and night, endure the hardships of an arduous journey early, work overtime, field was finished to disentomb inside very short time the task, shift to an earlier date 12 days than predicting time, make this exposes time to cross long, decency to quite serious already fossil stuff is able to protect finally well and disentomb scientificly. This second disentomb the framework of medium-sized carnivorous dragon that obtains one more complete length to make an appointment with 6 meters, save skeletal stuff preliminary estimation has 40% to control. Still discover the femur fossil with individual childhood of one carnivorous dragon additionally. Check an analysis according to field and preliminary attune, these fossil yield to dwarf at making an appointment with the evening 140 million years ago terminal a fabled abode of immortals presses down Luo Shi the coping amaranth of the group is calcic in qualitative mudstone, what know the carnivorous dragon with the latest times at present for Sichuan basin kind, whether be one new type, remain to study appraisal further. Current, fossil already carried from tribute dinosaur museum, will undertake next indoor repair, research, recover from an illness, turn over model and outfit to wear wait for the job. This second disentomb the commission that the job is the government sector outside city is being accepted first since building a house, what group group undertakes crossing region is more large-scale disentomb, reflected actual strength of my house scientific research to be in the position of complete province and even whole nation and influence, disentomb this at the same time the new pattern that extended collaboration of scientific research domain, such technical output also brought delectable gain. The collaboration according to be a county with Le Shan and Qian is agreed. The dinosaur that sends disinter is tasted really put in local government 's charge, my house obtains a model, study achievement both sides is shared. Consequently the lieutenant general of library of item on display of my house adds 1 to be tasted newly, make research a field at the same time to dwarf be extended outside Luo Shizhi in tribute oneself. Not only such, disentomb through this, make scientific research is mixed disentomb the team gets taking exercise further, researcher of the youth in counting a name is in of senior expert guide below, share work of disentombed each technology segment on the spot, accumulated many fieldwork experience, investigate to will attend henceforth or chair extensive fossil field, disentomb and research work laid good foundation.

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