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Declare world geological park to publicize the job to be begun in order
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From March since, the our city began world geological park to declare propaganda of the series that receive check, start broad cadre extensively to masses supports and be participated in, built grumous social atmosphere, expanded to declare social force of the activity. It is the organization develops activity of autograph of 10 thousand people. By municipal Party committee propagandist department takes the lead to be begun in whole town limits, the cadre masses that shares sign one's name amounts to 50000 people above; 2 was to undertake many outdoors conduct propaganda. Establish large commonweal advertisement, catchphrase, made many taxi and bus car stick, greeting bannerol, badge is waited a moment. Among them, print handbill placard to amount to advertisement of commonweal of software of lever of 2000 portion, lamps amount to more than 1500. 3 it is elaborate scheme, organization rehearsed grand and warm reception (send off) ceremony. 4 it is to print, extended " from tribute geology the park publicizes manual " 20000, undertake propagandist education to the citizen. 5 was to make declare on-the-spot record piece " dream and promise " (English edition) CD. At the same time polymorphous type much channel begins news to publicize. Open up of each news media column, special subject, in the meantime, invite actively provincial reach above news media and each to be stationed in undertake covering a report to declaring an activity from tribute reporter station. According to not complete count, distribute news dispatches from tribute journal publication (graph article) 43, picture 10; Late now the press sends a manuscript 47, picture 14; Broadcast report of message, special interview, recording to wait for 143 from tribute broadcasting station; Broadcast from tribute TV station message, special subject, special interview, attention 105; Sichuan daily, China the media such as Metropolis Daily also broadcasted in succession on the west many relevant report. Society support energetically and participate in the one large window that declares the conduct propaganda that receive check for this extensively of each respect. In activity of autograph of 10 thousand people, masses of whole town broad cadre is participated in extensively, enterprise of a few civilian battalion is initiative also activity of constituent sign one's name; Each are street active paste declares community placard, organization is literary performance team is participated in declare an activity to wait a moment. Many social conduct propaganda and press, make broad citizen receives the information that declare and mark everywhere, experienced the grumous atmosphere that declare, pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, all the people of one mind declares the social atmosphere of world geological park to be being formed.