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Declare do to undertake to scene area tourist attraction " the type that help a
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Come to city to inspect the drawing near of date as U.N. Educational expert, be aimed at on May 9 - 10 days " imitate drilling " late showing issue, rectify and reform strength to increase scene area tourist attraction, on May 13 - 14 days, declare leader group office Zhou Yuanming of Peng Na of standing vice director, vice director is guided declare group of staff members declare with what hold water recently run interpreter group, right " imitate drilling " scene area tourist attraction undertook type checks guidance helping a network again.
Area of sanitation of environment of interior of area of the English interpreter that the key that checks this is card of specification of tourist attraction of each scene area, indicative sign, scene, scene declares atmosphere build reach specific the respect such as the adjustment that recieves tourist guide of program, English. To eliminate appearance of word of the fault in sign of designation of English of tourist attraction of each scene area, leakage, interpreter group is special invited expert of medicine of teacher of American life college, aid China to defend a gentleman to regard an interpreter as group adviser greatly, follow a this second examination on-the-spot guidance, enthusiastic, meticulous work manner won Mr David to declare the praise that does a staff member.
After the examination, declare leader group office the issue that Peng Na of standing vice director held special subject conference to consider to discover in the examination, to explaining a term, inspected the course design, job that welcomes 15 respects such as the requirement to do unified arrangement deploy, made scene area tourist attraction rectify and reform refine plan and recieve refine program, interpreter group still strengthened the authorized job to all sorts of material, enhanced working maneuverability.