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Ginger director is affirmative from tribute " explain world " the job that recei
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On April 26, 2007, by " explain world " Chen Jiming of standing assistant group leader, deputy mayor heads working leader group team, rate declare do a 6 people, head for Hubei Yichang to manage to annulus of ground of ministry of land natural resources director Jiang Jianjun reported an our city to declare world geology arrangement of circumstance of job of park early days, job leaving a stage, greet check to recieve plan and request support item.
After ginger director listens to a report, right from tribute " explain world " the job that receive check offerred sufficient affirmation, to leaving a stage the job raised specific requirement, express to support to requesting item. Ginger director thinks:
Before paragraph period did a large number of works from tribute, the leader takes seriously, manner active, job solid, effect is apparent, declare in home obtain the first, very try to make a good showing. A large number of works were done again after home is declared, u.N. declares world geological park to China only now two quota of people, from tribute it is home declares the first, have definite advantage, but hill of tiger of dragon of Shaanxi emerald green Mount Hua, Jiangxi is contended for very badly also, existence competes pressure