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The our city holds drill of the imitate that receive check
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On May 9, 10 days, declare leader group to invite park of geology of Chinese geological university (vestigial) investigation evaluation research center Professor Zhang Jianping and Professor Tian Mingzhong, receive U.N. Educational expert to make an on-the-spot investigation to the our city undertook " imitate drilling " . Two professors founded each job from tribute world geological park to undertake checking to declaring with the eye of U.N. expert " consultation " . Chen Jiming of standing assistant group leader, deputy mayor joined leader group drilling.
On May 9, two experts made an on-the-spot investigation early or late from tribute geology park the area of two big garden in area of 3 big garden (big hill spreads dinosaurian fossil vestigial garden area and area of garden of salt industry science and technology) inspect a place scientificly with a few (layer of sandstone of cool high mountain names the ground, long mountain ridge silicon change, park of ancient to celestial being city town, artesian well old street, colored lantern and and other places of colored lantern museum undertook making an on-the-spot investigation. Every reach one point, two experts watch situation of establishment of of all kinds and indicative sign, hardware, environment carefully, the English that listens to tourist guide personnel seriously explains, often enquire the relevant condition that inspects a place with English, the problem that exists to inspecting a place each undertook spot point out mistakes so that they can be corrected. 9 days night, personnel exchanged an opinion related two experts and leader group.
On May 10 morning, hold brief summary meeting, two experts are right " imitate drilling " in expose exposed issue to undertake all-around " consultation " . Two experts point out, the resource value from tribute geology park is very high, this is the largest dominant position that declare, and from tribute the biggest question is making an on-the-spot investigation at the spot; The site that wants withstand U.N. expert makes an on-the-spot investigation, must improve urban environment appearance quickly, strengthen construction, increase investment, build enthusiastic dense declare atmosphere, popularize relevant knowledge, raise English explanation and English designation level, aggrandizement is geological at the same time the integral consciousness of the park.
Declare leader group Chen Jiming of standing assistant group leader, deputy mayor asks on the meeting, must value expert opinion highly, rectify and reform instantly reach the designated position. Be aimed at the problem that discovers in imitate drilling and difference, leader group office should undertake be combinged in the round and offer corresponding solution. Want to study carefully to welcoming plan, drilling of imitate of one by one, ensure declare a success.