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Why can dinosaur seek hegemony Mesozoic Era?
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In endless Mesozoic Era, domain of earthly land, sea, empty zoology is being controlled by mixed reptile. Dinosaur is reptile the person above average in everybody a group of things with common features, taking absolutely advantage on sort and amount, it is at that time the true overlord on land. Why can dinosaur become the true overlord of Mesozoic Era? Its are main the reason has:
(1) , superior environment. When Mesozoic Era, global climate warmth is wet, change of the four seasons is very little, climate cent belt is not apparent, equator is so not hot, polar so not cold, polar not frozen. Motion is in the lithosphere at that time opposite quiet period, relief is evener, the river is laky and numerous, vegetation is lush. Such environment, it is dinosaurian Elysium undoubtedly, suit to live dinosaurianly and develop very much.
(2) , dinosaur appears, compare with other reptile photograph, have stronger competitive dominant position. Dinosaur has completely erect limb structure, its step is bigger than other animal. Because hind legs is longer than forelimb, 4 sufficient touchdown walk no-go, many phyletic classics are so commonly used two hind sufficient walk, run rate is very rapid also. Bulky tail becomes the very good balancer officer when dinosaurian motion, in order to balance the weight of body forehead. Below appropriate at that time ambient conditions, they are very nimble, lively, was full of exuberant vitality. Inchoate dinosaur is carnivorous sex mostly, they are used two Houzuzhi stands walk, run quickly, forelimb help preys, wanton hunt kills other reptile. On the earth at that time, can have not fought the match that has gotten them.
(3) , dinosaur has powerful developmental latent capacity. Of Mesozoic Era inchoate, dinosaur or very young kind group, they are young, have very strong adaptability and developmental latent capacity. What completely erect campaign stance makes dinosaurian body also won't be come from the ground again is oppressive, the digestion that promoted them thereby, circulatory system and neurological the evolution that waits for organic system, make they have the capacity of rapid movement and reaction more. Dinosaur held the best zoology environment on land, they develop quickly, be in fashion for a period, seek hegemony Mesozoic Era, make the one great marvellous spectacle on life phylogeny.

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