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Does dinosaurian meeting have a person?
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Want to answer dinosaur to be able to have the person's problem, the times that that is about to see dinosaurian life has a person. Dinosaurian and extinct at 65 million years previously, namely before 65000000, and our mankind appears very late, from simian begin probably to the person's evolution at many years 400 before, climate of ice age of the Quaternary Period forces our ancestor finally to leave a forest, change lifestyle, ability is final and developmental grow up. So, human history is controlled 2 million years only. From dinosaur extinct appear to the mankind, meantime be apart counts thousand all ages, the fact is we hit encounter without predestined relationship and dinosaur, after dinosaur also presses a root not to know thousands of all ages, meet the mankind that has a promising young person, and return be interested in their cadaver body so. So, dinosaur does not have a law to have a person.