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Does dinosaurian meeting swim?
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Dinosaurian habit lives on drier land, but not be to say they are " drought duck " , cannot enter the water completely, a lot of terrestrial animals that resemble be born now however are same, be in migratory when, escaping enemy when killing, perhaps be when leisure, also can go in water. Xi foot kind dinosaur is chased in what escape carnivorous dragon when, can enter a river avoid in the lake, they had the water with very long neck much deep rice to also do not wide they. When swimming, their chela strides ahead, the rear foot kicks water. When right-about-face, 4 feet at the same time touchdown. The footmark fossil that brontosaurus leaves when swim can tell us this. Duck mouth has web on dragon foot, the tail is compressed, it is inherent natant ace undoubtedly. The left and right sides that relies on a tail swings, they can swim very quickly in water. This one action is the efficient way that it escapes dragon of Xiang Yu the Conqueror to prey. Even if is the carnivorous dragon that catchs feeding habits, also not be complete cannot enter the water, have footmark fossil specification, some carnivorous dragon also can go when angle prey in water, but go up in land compared with them for much more awakward.