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What is the enlightenment that dinosaur leaves the mankind?
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The dinosaur like the mystery left our mankind the space of too much reflection and daydream, among them the exploration of extinct reason is inspired to us the biggest, have the sense that draw lessons from most. Today, a plant kingdom that is a feature with the prosperity of angiosperm and an animal bound that are main feature with mammal and avian great progress, make we this heavenly body becomes more azure in aerospace and fill lease of life. Especially the occurrence of our mankind, it is to perfect more, make the earth is in the universe of vast boundless more bright is dazzing, put the extraordinary splendour of civilized wisdom greatly. However, the disaster that all reptile that these rejoice to be represented at be with dinosaur suffer in end of the Cretaceous age! If the live thing without end of the Cretaceous age is big extinct, do not have today mammal and avian whole new world. The mankind is the species that is good at thinking. We should know the past, know now, forecast future even. The task of science should make clear the objective law of Hunan nature is the mankind namely live and expand a service, the abidance that achieves the mankind and human society develops. Dinosaur serves as the ruler of Mesozoic Era, compose the brilliant canto of phase of metaphase of evolution of the life on earthly history, however magical between the hundreds of all ages with final Mesozoic Era extinct, is this why? Although dinosaurian and extinct reason opinionses vary, unable to decide which is right, but having a bit is affirmation, this is the explanatory it may not be a bad idea that gradual change discusses, calamity changes talked statement, fall on environmental great change, the account that just causes environmental great change is different just. Influence of environmental great change arrives to live dinosaurianly, in other words, the environment that is exceeding aggravation buried dinosaur. The environment of exceeding aggravation buried dinosaur! Couplet thinks of our serious today environment is polluted, a lot of environment index shined to us red light, the outlook that we have reason to worry about the mankind will how? do we also want the follow of pace dinosaur? Before Che Zhizhe, hind Che Zhijian. The increasingly exasperate environment situation that because be ignorant of causes our greedy He Yu,faces, we were to arrive should vigilant when!