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Why should study dinosaur?
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From 1822 Manteer of British country doctor discovers dinosaur (iguanodon) since dental fossil, people already had 100 old histories to dinosaurian research. Meantime, scientists never had had trifling cut enthusiasticly to dinosaurian research. It is especially in nearly 30 years, dinosaur is the central point that made scholars discuss eagerly more. Dinosaurian research content is very much. Their configuration construction and physiology feature, life characteristics and lifestyle, ground history distributings with geography, origin and evolution and extinct reason want to consider; Their surroundings and skeleton bury environment also want to consider. In addition, undertake belonging to to them even, kind classification and systematic classification, the position in clearing up them to be classified in the animal waits a respect a moment to also need to consider. Although each scholar exert all over skill undertakes exploration, and have new technology help, however the problem is to consider more more, original issue has not made clear Hunan, new issue arose again. Connect even " dinosaur is cold-blooded reptile " this one originally the notion that everybody approves, also sufferred doubt and censure dinosaur now this kind of animal is to study suspicion is more more it seems that, and suspicion also makes investigator is interested more more more, and draw more student. Actually dinosaur is a kind of ancient biology only, the scientist studies ancient biology has two big objectives normally: It is to be biology to serve, it is to be geological service. Look from biologic angle, study ancient biology can make people knows the course of biology evolution, understand the real features of earthly history deep more thereby. Look from geological angle, ancient biology can help people differentiate correctly layer, have layer contrast and affirmatory layer period, provide important clue to seek ore deposit. In the meantime, the important basis of ancient geography of ancient biology or rocksy research and ancient climate. However, research is dinosaurian, be opposite especially the research of dinosaurian and extinct reason, still should have an objective, that is the stuff that locates our mankind and human society implementation to develop need to draw lessons from continuously from inside completing collapse dinosaurianly. Researching ancient biology is the thing of home of a few paleontology originally, but only alone dinosaur is an exception. As a result of dinosaur magical with tremendous glamour, it is paleontology home not just, the expert of other subject still had artist and project technologist to also become dinosaurian student even. Be opposite especially the discussion of dinosaurian and extinct problem, participation scholar especially much, all trades and professions, very lively. Dinosaur became the main carrier that popularizes scientific literacy knowledge undoubtedly, play is worn the main effect that accompanies adolescent to grow

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