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Why to say dinosaur is the animal like the mystery?
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In animal classification, long-term since, people ground of make no doubt of crawls dinosaurian put under key link, think dinosaur belongs to reptile. Because,this is dinosaurian skeletal characteristic and give birth to reptile to be close to very much now, differ with mammal very far. For example, skull back end has opening of two Nie Ru, condyle of a pillow, mandible by 6 ~ 7 bone are comprised, the tooth is with model tine, the skeleton after the head and cutaneous a few characteristics and oviparous explain they and reptile relationship are close. But, dinosaurian athletic stance with all showing unripe reptile is different, they are not creeping however erect walk. Together with is opposite nearly a few years the thorough research of the many sided such as characteristics of dinosaurian physiology, life and behavior, offerred the theory of hot-blooded dinosaur, and think dinosaur is had avian the physiology with mammal and behavior, if have Yo of group life of the organization, hatch young, high blood pressure, fast blood circulates and eat a quantity in great quantities to wait. Accordingly, the scholar puts forward dinosaurian classified position to should depart from inside creeping key link, establish dinosaurian program. Of course these new revolutionary formulations return far from final conclusion, add groups of dinosaurian and other a lot of mystery to still also place a hope at more more thorough research, say dinosaur is the animal like the mystery so.