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What animal is dinosaur?
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What animal is the dinosaur with boundless glamour after all? Dinosaur is a already extinct kind of big ancient reptile, belong to reptile the member of everybody a group of things with common features, live in the Mesozoic Era of earthly history. Basis already some discovery, dinosaurian from be apart from before appearing 225 million years ago today extinct, in the long time that lived 160 million years on the earth. Dinosaur is land dwell animal, at that time main also is best surroundings on land, be like lakeside, riverside, fenny, forest, Campagna, upland, seaside, it is the place that they perch. Exuberance of enough, plant, environment stabilizes these local fountainhead, it is the Eden that dinosaur multiplies haunt. Dinosaurian footmark spreads all over world each continent, connect antarctic, arctic even not exceptional also. China is more " dinosaurian countryside " . Dinosaurian sort is various, mixed, have 10 meters several long giant already, have a chicken again so big small do not nod. Scute of their body surface coverture or bone board, discovery also has a body to wrap around now of feather. They 4 sufficient walk or two sufficient walk, great majority is food with the plant, minority eats the meat. Dinosaur belongs to reptile, reptile is a kind of big member in vertebrate family. Vertebrate is differentiated to be fish, amphibious by people by their developmental level kind, creeping kind, avian with lactation kind, reptile be placed in the middle, in developmental course its a connecting link between the preceding and the following, the position is celebrated. Reptile comes by amphibian evolution, then it evolution went out avian with lactation kind.