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Does dinosaurian meeting cry?
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Market tone, smooth, report, move wait for a variety of stimulation to be exhibited at the emulation machine dinosaur of an organic whole on, dinosaurian cry often brings people very powerful shock force. People can'ts help wanting to ask, does dinosaurian meeting cry? Give birth to the cry of reptile according to showing, scientists are conjectural, dinosaurian should can sound, the earth of Mesozoic Era won't be a breathed world. Somebody thinks, grow on the head have spine dash forward the duck mouth dragon of shape decorations, can give out one sort to be like bassoon (western musical instrument) in that way sound, because be in spine dash forward in have bent conduit, can produce resonance, give out noise. The Xi foot of great stature kind dinosaur does not have vocal cords, the likelihood is a few " dummy " , can give out in that way like the snake at most " hoarse neighs " sound. Dragon of Xiang Yu the Conqueror may give out the roaring like roars of a tiger, the wide mouth alligator that South America gives birth to now can be given out " reverberate like thunder " breathtaking song. A few diminutive animal feet kind dinosaur may be given out like the crow's coarse in that way and chicken, duck, goose, offensive cry. Of course, everybody had not heard dinosaurian cry, these are to introduce dinosaurian and those who undertake is subjective conjecture, evidence is insufficient apparently.