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How does dinosaur take food?
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Dinosaurian, no matter be dinosaur of establish feeding habits, still be carnivorous sex dinosaur, they have the tooth of same figure, call with model tine, individual sort does not have a tooth. With model the function that tine has worry, without masticatory function, mastication cannot undertake to food when so dinosaur takes food, it is bolt only. To diminutive prey, carnivorous sex is dinosaurian criterion its whole get down, if prey is bigger cannot integral get down, tear off its asunder, another piece together get down. Dinosaur of establish feeding habits can come down cut of branches and leaves only, be swallowed next and feed. Duck mouth dragon is a little special, the tooth is very much, like millstones, can will thick the plant that build slightly molar, swallow again. This also can say to devour than whole only any better just.