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Run dinosaurianly does speed have many fast?
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The speed that the scientist walks to dinosaur and runs undertook study, although the result that reach is endless identical, but we still can see a few features come from which: Huge Xi base kind dinosaurian 4 sufficient walk, rate is slower, do not exceed 3.2 ~ hourly 6.5 kilometre. 4 sufficient walking stegosaurus and armour dragon walk a bit fast, horary 8 kilometre of 6 ~ . Two sufficient walking duck mouth dragon can walk along 18.5 kilometre hourly, if encounter " chase after arms " , it can run quickly like the horse. 4 sufficient walking horny dragon is the dinosaur of establish feeding habits that runs the most quickly, face danger to be in short time internal energy with 32 ~ the sprint of speed per hour of 48 kilometre, frighten so that dragon of Xiang Yu the Conqueror escapes rapidly. Carnivorous sex dinosaur is dash ace mostly, speed per hour can amount to 40 kilometre. Two sufficient walking empty bone dragon kind, body light leg is long, it is dinosaur is medium " fleet-footed " , speed per hour can amount to 80 kilometre.