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What can dinosaurian coprolite tell people?
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Dinosaurian excrement and urine is dinosaurian and important hangover. Because its form fossil not easily, or be known not easily by people and collect, the coprolite that already discovered so is quite little. Dinosaurian coprolite is to study dinosaurian food is comprised, reflect the important data of dinosaurian surroundings secondhand thereby. The size of coprolite and appearance still reflect condition of structure of dinosaurian enteron endmost. Have section observation and research to coprolite, can know the what food that the dinosaur of this excrement and urine eats eduction, it is animal or plant, it is which kind of plant. Recombine yields the circumstance of dinosaurian remains fossil of coprolite place, still can be the excrement and urine that what dinosaur leaves certainly, know this dinosaurian feeding habits and food are comprised thereby. Many Song Bai discovered in the coprolite of duck mouth dragon kind floral fragment, showing duck mouth dragon basically is to take the page that feed a needle kind floral. The discovery in the coprolite in dragon of Xiang Yu the Conqueror is broken bone completely, showing dragon of Xiang Yu the Conqueror is " eat the flesh not to spit bone " " oppressor " .