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Xi foot kind is dinosaur live in water or on land?
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The configuration feature of the animal is formed in the evolution in certain surroundings, in other words, the configuration feature of the animal can mirror its surroundings. Xi foot kind what is the feature? They are dinosaurian and familial in long the biggest, posture is the stupiddest kind group, have body giant, 4 sufficient walk, long neck grows end, the head is exceptionally small wait for a characteristic. People is right Xi foot kind the understanding of dinosaurian surroundings, experienced a meandering course.
At first, paleontology home thinks, xi foot kind body is too enormous and heavy, their limb cannot bear at all such tax, so major while is forced to be in in lifetime laky in spend, the flotage of water of have the aid of will reduce the burden of limb. They are taken eat the rich alga in water and water plant, and rely on lake water will avoid enemy kill. This kind of dinosaurian nostril grows higher, some gives birth to overhead. This one feature is considered as to get used to the evidence of the life in water.
Further later research thinks, xi foot kind dinosaurian arms and legs is brawny and mighty, can support its enormous body completely. Limb provides 5 to point to (foot) , the part points to (foot) have the claw that develop, these are the construction that ground of comfortable Yu Liu walks and prevent to slip. The function of the neck with their long large and giraffe is similar, make its can take the tender branches and leaves that feeds lofty and arboreal top. Xi foot kind dinosaur is not without self-defensive ability, whip shape end, weight state end is them the weapon that freelies in brandish of the ability on land, add its the solidarity of the awe action of enormous body and social life is fought enemy, encounter enemy kill need not avoid in past water at all. Now, most person thinks, xi foot kind dinosaurian life is on land.