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Is the viewpoint of avian traceable dinosaur already complete establish?
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Although the viewpoint of avian traceable dinosaur had obtained paleontology to admit extensively of the bound, but still birdman raises doubt to this, the chamfer that holds to traditional avian traceable the Triassic Period ages the hypothesis of kind of reptile. They think animal foot kind dinosaur and avian similar sex are merely apparently, the evolution result that the biology that is different kind appears as a result of the likeness of surroundings and life characteristics. Be like the ichthyosaur of Mesozoic Era, contemporary whale and fish, they mutual the concern kissing a predestined relationship between is very distant, but because live in water, get used to natant life, formed very similar bodily form so. Avian ala and animal foot kind although forelimb has 3 to point to, but actual it is different, animal foot kind be the 1st, 2, 3 point to (the 4th point to and the 5th point to already disappeared) , and avian it is the 2nd, 3, 4 point to (the 1st point to and the 5th point to already disappeared) . They think animal foot kind had disappeared the 4th point to be recovered impossibly again and evolution is become avian the 4th point to. Still have even if think with avian the small-sized animal foot of the place that has a lot of likeness kind dinosaur appears later, only OK restrospect to about 115 million years before, and archaeopteryx lives in 150 million years previously, these are so small-sized animal foot kind cannot be avian ancestor. In addition, animal foot kind clavicle and avian wishbone do not resemble, avian and complex lung is impossible traceable animal foot kind the reason that lung also is anti. However, object avian traceable small-sized animal foot kind dinosaurian scientist also can be not found with avian likeness, the chamfer with the Triassic specific period that is avian ancestor likely ages kind of animal. Look, avian traceable is small-sized animal foot kind although dinosaurian hypothesis was occupied in paleontology bound windward, but also had not gotten scientific group complete accepted, this learning controversy still will continue. But, as the discovery of more evidence and more thorough research, believe not to need too long time, the natural mystery of avian origin is sure to be able to be announced, be known finally by our mankind.

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