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Does dinosaurian meeting migrate?
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Alleged migrate, it is to show the animal produces change in natural condition, perhaps be the need of contented self-generation development, and the characteristics of area of metabolic dwell house. A lot of animals have flight habit, be like certain and avian flight, of fish migrate, insect migrates, lactation kind migrate etc. So, can the dinosaur millions upon millions years ago also migrate? What migrate about dinosaur actually is academic, there were a few scientists early to put forward 1928, develop somewhat gradually again ever since. The basis of this one theory is: Since 1887, in Canada A Erbai amounts to dinosaurian park inside, discovered a large number of is apart from today the dinosaurian fossil 75 million years ago. Already cleared the dinosaur that statistic gives 40 kinds to live in contemporaneity about. So much dinosaurian sort lives together jointly, and live in peace with each other, make a person incomprehensible. Especially the dragon of mouth of two kinds of duck with shape structure and life very similar characteristics -- dragon of orchid family name and armet dragon, at the same time the life is mysterious more here. Because, inevitable existence lives intensely between them fight, and cannot long-term life is together. Because this scientists think, these dinosaur are in noninterference of the each other inside limited time the ground makes neighbour only, or be come to this area respectively in different time of a year. In other words, these fossil are at that time likely extremely these animals are in migrate to other destination, or " nomadism " leave in the process. Horny dragon kind the discovery of fossil of medium thick nose dragon, also provided evidence for dinosaurian flight. 1945, discovery of fossil of the first thick nose dragon saves the southern part at the Aerbaida of north latitude 50˚ ; 1986, the place that arranges 720 kilometre with north in this fossil dot discovered fossil of the 2nd thick nose dragon; After a year, discovered the skull of a thick nose dragon again inside the Arctic circle of Alaska. Northernmost fossil dot is apart from southernmost fossil to nod more than meters 3000. Be apart from so distant place, at the same time evolution gives identical animal is impossible it seems that. This makes clear, thick nose dragon has migratory habit. According to the research to dinosaurian motion speed, scientists think, thick nose Long Qun can be in a year in south implementation, between north back and forth migratory. In addition, evidence makes clear, some dinosaur still are in each mainland piece between migratory. In the Cretaceous age part-time in, arctic is the join dot between North America and Asia, such road bridge makes dinosaur is in between two continent migratory become a possibility. Dinosaur of support of fossil evidence effectively is two-way and migratory supportive existence, the dinosaur because of foregone now North America the Cretaceous age almost every division has its representing in the Asia. For example duck mouth dragon and horny dragon kind dinosaur basically distributings to be mixed in North America East Asia, the dinosaur that explains the Cretaceous age of these two areas is terminal group having very close relationship. A few kinds of dinosaurian fossil that discover on Australia mainland and antarctic mainland, show a few sort with Europe, North America to have affinity, this also explains these mainlands once were together repeatedly, the flight that has produced dinosaur and diffuse, after be in, just part slowly. Of course, what migrate about dinosaur is academic, we still need more more systematic evidence will prove it.

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