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Is feather avian and particular?
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In giving birth to an animal now, feather is avian and peculiar, and important sense is had in the flight. So, is avian feather how arise? In other words, is feather avian and particular really? Or from its ancestor there accede those who come? Foot of animal of small bodily form kind does dinosaur also have feather? In the research respect of feather origin, the scientist of our China made outstanding contribution. Since 1996, home of our country paleontology is saved in Liaoning western the area discovers and studied " China Long Diao " , the small-sized animal foot such as boreal ticket dragon, Chinese bird dragon, end feather dragon, primitive Zu Diao kind dinosaurian specimen. Their skeletal structure is animal foot kind dinosaurian, but have hair. Among them end feather dragon and primitive Zu Diao already had true feather, the other people of the account that it is wool of the others, a lot of scholars think other people of account of this kind of wool represented a kind of original feather structure. Such looking, feather is not avian and peculiar, it is to be in probably avian before appearing, had appeared, and be for certain be in avian before beginning to fly, appear.