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Was the viewpoint of avian traceable dinosaur experienced what kind of evolve in
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Avian with animal foot kind after dinosaur is having the viewpoint of close relationship kissing a predestined relationship to put forward, aroused very big controversy. Somebody thinks, because these two kinds of animals are general,the similar sex of gigantic tine dragon and ostrich hind legs is model biped, they have the means of similar use lower limbs to form. Later, until go up at the beginning of the century, because be in animal foot kind clavicle did not discover on dinosaurian body, so somebody thinks again animal foot kind dinosaurian and apparent lack is clavicular, and avian not only clavicle, and two or so clavicle are shirt-sleeve already into a wishbone, so, animal foot kind dinosaurian impossible evolution is become avian. Because other reptile has clavicle, putting forward avian ancestor so is certainly by a kind more old and the reptile that has clavicle is developmental and come, because of the basis in biology evolution theory cannot go against a gender, animal foot kind lost clavicle is recovered impossibly in developmental process. But in 20 centuries 20 time are mixed 30 time, new discovery overthrew animal foot stage by stage kind dinosaur does not have clavicular viewpoint, discovery is in a few diminutive animal feet kind complete clavicle is stored in dinosaurian remains. 20 centuries 60 time end, the paleontology home of American Yale makes an appointment with writing. H. Dragon described oersted to belong to animal foot kind the skeleton of dragon fearing claw anatomizes a feature. This is a kind of dinosaur eating the meat that has hook form claw, bodily form has young volume about, the United States with the inchoate the Cretaceous age before living in 115 million years about covers state of person with power. 70 time, oersted dragon published a series of book, found out differentiate avian (include archaeopteryx) with dinosaur, and other animal foot kind a group of features that dinosaur has and other reptile does not have however. Be based on afore-mentioned research results, he concludes say, diminutive of avian and direct traceable animal is sufficient kind of dinosaur. Back-to-back 80 time, have a scientist the comparison of oersted dragon a lot of features use feature and other new biology system classifies a method -- ramose system way, undertake study to avian, dinosaur and the reptile that have concern kissing a predestined relationship to it, reached as same as oersted dragon conclusion: Avian traceable diminutive animal foot kind dinosaurian.