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The sword on stegosaurus body board what effect is there?
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The shape structure of animal body always is not divided with the function, it is the developmental child of acclimatization. Can be opposite the function of two sword board of stegosaurus back, scientist however be extremely puzzled. Somebody thinks previously, sword board may be the defense unit of a kind of protection, can protect oneself back already, can gally enemy. Can discover later, sword board interior is poriferous, not strong, its self-defence action came true very hard. Someone says, the indication of the mimicry that is this kind of animal or what feature sex is tectonic, but this kind of view cannot test and verify, give birth to an animal to also did not see now so eccentric. A kind of view that can allow person approve of quite is, sword board is the device of stegosaurus adjustment temperature. A lot of fine alveolus inside sword board, the likelihood is before one's death the place that blood-vessel passes. Stegosaurus passes control shedding classics the haemal capacity of sword board will achieve medicinal powder the purpose of heat or absorption of heat. Accordingly people play says stegosaurus carries air conditioning on the back for the body implement dinosaurian. If be really such, its sword board the likelihood returns meeting ground to need right-about-face.